Let M.J. May Building Restoration recapture the classic essence of your old house. Our services cover every aspect of exterior rennovation, including …

  • Paint removal and surface preparation using the latest in restoration technology.
  • Precision painting and detailing utilizing the finest restoration products available in the restoration industry.
  • Highly skilled carpentry services to recreate / restore historic details and profiles regarding virtually every aspect of your building, such as …
    1. Wood siding replacement.
    2. Window repair and or replacement.
    3. Rebuilding of, or adding on new porches.
    4. Decks designed and built to match original building features.
    5. Architectural moldings, gable brackets, corbels, etc.
    6. Fire and flood damage restoration.
    7. Complete rebuilding of built-in rain gutters.
    8. Flat roof / decking solutions.
    9. Many other exterior services, too many to list.

Want to see some results? Check out our photos (below) to view successful, award-winning exterior projects. They’re only a few of a large portfolio of work completed since 1980.

Completed restoration of elaborate porch after extensive replacement repairs of nearly all woodwork components. Completed exterior of “Issac Ulman House,” Racine, Wisconsin after extensive paint removal, painting and carpentry repairs / replacements.
Exterior restoration of Greek Revival house in Rochester, Wisconsin. Fabrication and installation of elaborate wood balustrade on porch roof deck prior to full exterior paint restoration.
Installation of newly fabricated balustrades on upper and lower decks of English Revival house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
BEFORE: Queen Anne exterior restoration project underway. Paint stripping progress after completion of carpentry repairs.
AFTER: Completed Queen Anne house after extensive restoration and painting.


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