Let M.J. May Building Restoration recapture the classic essence of your old house. Our services cover every aspect of exterior rennovation, including …

  • Custom-built furniture designed to flow with the architectural details of your home.
  • Plaster crown molding repairs and reproduction / installation.
  • Architectural components carefully crafted to match your needs.
  • Built-ins and cabinetry designed and hand crafted for specific locations.
  • Much, much more.

Need some ideas? The pictures below are just a starting point for your imagination. Then contact us to turn your imagination into reality.

Made-to-order furniture / cabinetry. Architectural components made to match original profiles and shapes.
Furniture fabrication crafted with details that match the interior of a Queen Anne home in Chicago, Illinois. The wood was reclaimed from old salvage to match that of the house it was built for.
Plaster crown molding section matched exactly from original.


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